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NEWS : Nominatie EXPO 2015

Goedefroo + Goedefroo Architecten


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Nomination          Belgium Pavillion


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Na het Belgisch paviljoen te hebben gebouwd in Venlo Nederland voor de Floriade in 2012, werd een nominatie behaald voor het ontwerpen van het Belgisch Paviljoen voor de wereldtentoonstelling in Milaan 2015. Er werd nauw samengewerkt met Belgische senograaf Franco Dragone, van het ondertussen wereldberoemde Cirque du Soleil. Er werd gezocht naar een eenvoudige vormentaal die duidelijkheid moet brengen omtrent de invloed van de mens op de natuur. 

Pieter Breughel de Oude painted one of the most famous representations of the Tower of Babel in the 16th century. It is the symbol of the avidity of man and his ambition to build ever larger and higher, the tower seems to stretch towards the sky in an infinite movement. It is incomplete, composed of a multitude of individual cells that are assembled in a common effort towards a precise goal: to rise. An attentive observer will capture one important detail, the instability of the tower ... the question is: how much longer can this base withstand this insolent ascent?

This is the image that inspired our architectural design.


With the numbers of the population growing constantly in a world where there is always less space, can the food processing industry grow when the land is diminishing? And even if the food industry can cope with the demand increase, can it do so in a sustainable manner? The Tower of Babel becomes the parabola of our planet; will the constant pressure exerted on the environment and the depletion of our resources lead to our defeat? We would like to build a tower for Brussels at the Universal Exposition in Milan, an answer to the dilemma of the Tower of Babel, a tower that reflects the pulse towards more, but also towards improvement.


A powerful massive tower that leads to reflection on the theme of sustainability, composed of a multitude of individual entities that work together to create a stable and unique productive structure. The pavilion proposal will be presented as a community, symbol of a strong and united Belgium. An ultimate emblem of Belgium’s brilliant ambitions.